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AJ Carr is a 17 year old professional public speaker, a published author, as well as a professional SAG actor. He currently has a recurring role in the hit Showtime series "The Chi", created by Lena Waithe & produced by Common. He has also had roles on the CW's "All American", FX's "Atlanta", the NBC series “Chicago PD", and he currently has a recurring role on "Love Simon" on Disney Plus. AJ is an amazing actor, but it's what he does with his personal time that makes him so extraordinary. AJ uses his many talents and platform to reach and inspire young people all around the country.

Published Author

AJ recently released his first children’s book “Ballardine”. He travels to different schools, community centers, & hospitals to read the book to children of all backgrounds and ethnicities.

Book Description:
“Lesane is a good kid. But like most kids, he has questions about the world around him. Questions, that sometimes, adults don’t want to answer. Luckily for him, he meets some new magical friends who offer guidance to help him find the answers. Journey along with Lesane as he asks these big questions, takes the trip of a lifetime and learns that some parts of our childhood innocence must never be lost.”

The book is available for purchase at https://www.amazon.com/Ballardine-AJ-Carr/dp/1729010229


Building Bosses/Youth Empowerment Tour

AJ created a non-profit organization called “Building Bosses", to help the youth to explore & cultivate their talents, promote leadership & positivity, build character through self-esteem by teaching self-worth, & encourage our youth to become productive members of society. 


Through Building Bosses, he started a Youth Empowerment Tour. The purpose of the “Youth Empowerment Tour” is to help empower the youth by creating a forum where the youth can openly address the many issues that affect their communities everyday, & suggest possible ways they can make a difference. This tour is about our young people, feeling underrepresented and often unheard, taking initiative to collect and connect with their peers to spread knowledge, empowerment, and affirmation that there is more to the youth of today than social media and video games; that they have concerns and want to address them, for themselves. 


Hip Hop Artist

AJ's first single "Gotta Make It' is now available on Apple Itunes and Spotify. The song is a powerful inspirational song that has already touched so many lives. 


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